Are you feeling worthless and dull?
Having low self esteem lately? 

Douglas McCoyReCreation King, will help you realize your self worth,
just How Cool Is It To Be You!


Many people are still trapped in the dark, engulfed by the grey clouds of low self esteem, confidence, and self worth. This may eventually lead to depression and affect one’s performance in school or at work. Some unfortunate souls have even gone to depths of this cloud and committed suicide. Don’t let this get to you!

Every one of us has the potential to do great things. We just don’t know it because we haven’t had the chance to try something that we’re good at.  If you feel worthless, don’t feel bad about yourself! Everyone is made for a purpose. Doug will help you achieve enlightenment, because it feels good to remember our greatness, and be inspired.

How Cool Is It To Be You is an installment to the How Cool Series of Books, a set of self-help books made especially for right and left brain stimulation. Doug created the set to reach out to people groping in the dark, living their lives in a dreadful cycle. He was once downtrodden and lost, just like them, and that encouraged him to make the series. Today it is hailed as the World’s First Series of Books Made Specially for Right and Left Brain Readers.

Everyone is unique. This line may be cliché, but Douglas McCoy takes this seriously and wants everyone to know their worth. He wants to be the one who will make you realize that you are something, a small gem that just needs a little polish. Because we all are.

Still unsure about yourself? Haven’t found your purpose in life yet? Do you feel down and un-cool?

Trust Doug and give How Cool Is It To Be You a try, you will be glad in years to come.

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